CRUISE OPERATOR Carnival UK / P&O Cruises
LENGTH 330 meters
WIDTH 38,4 meters
NR. OF CABINS 1837 cabins
SCHEDULED DELIVERY From 8/10/19 to 20/10/19
YARD Damen Shiprepair Brest
SALES MANAGER Rogier Van Der Laan
PROJECT MANAGERS Nicolas Prat, Ronan Scolan

Description of work done

Drydock works:
Shipyard’s mecanics team has showed again his capability to rise to challenges by working on 6 tunnel thrusters, 2 stabilizers, 2 main propellers and both tailshaft’s equipments during this short period. The flexibily of our painting team enabled to optimize and use every windows permitted by the weather on one hand, and works taking place in/around drydock on the other hand. This allowed us to repaint one of the world’s largest Union Jack!

Deck works:
Damen handled the removal and storing ashore of all tender boats and lifeboats, then provided an important support to Owner for the load testing of davits. Ship’s accommodation ladders have also been tested.

As usual, logistics is one of the keys of success for such projects. We provided a smooth and organized logistics support, facilitated by the huge space we have around the drydock and our significant crane capacity.

Special projects:
Due to ship’s design, one of the cooling supply for the refit was only possible from an existing sea chest instead of the bunker station. We proved our adaptability by building a special cooling line running down and accross the drydock specially for this project. Same as previous projects we did for Carnival UK, we gave our support for the installation of the new exhaust gas scrubber system (EGCS). In addition, we built and installed the new associated sea chest and overboards. A special request have been made by our client to help for the renewal of 3677 mattreses. Beyond the manpower and logistics support given, our technical department designed and launched the construction of a dedicated discharging device for a quick lowering ashore of old mattresses to dispose.

Key figures

– One of the logystic challenges was handling of 7354 mattresses during this refit. 3677 old matrasses were replaced by 3677 new once.
– 650 tons is the cumulative dock and mobile crane capacity used along the project
– 60m is the highest lifting point reached
– 21m is the space remaining each sides between ship’s hull and drydock wall
– 2 is the quantity of project managers leading this refit


“Beyond our large facilities, the professionalism and know-how of our teams allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to the requests of our customers. This refit further demonstrates Damen’s ability to innovate and adapt to each situation in order to deliver the vessel on time with the complete satisfaction of the customer.”