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The Damen Shipyards Group has an unmatched sales network worldwide.

The Damen Cruise sales organisation consists of commercial specialists with in-depth knowledge of a large number of products in the Damen portfolio, the regional culture and all related aspects.

The Sales team is also responsible for the marketing activities, cruise key accounts management and for the sales of newbuild ocean/coastal cruise ships and maintenance and upgrade services (powered by Damen Shiprepair & Conversion).

Sales Manager Sales Area North, West & South EU
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Responsible for commercial activities within Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bosnia and Serbia, during 19 years within the Damen organisation, Remko’s experience in engineering, project management, contracting and sales/financing has developed. He has had the opportunity to develop some very interesting projects in different market segments, including offshore and cruise.

Market Development Executive Area North America, Canada
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Ruud is heading the Damen Area Support North America office in Houston, Texas.

Being in the market, Ruud supports the Global Sales Team with a wealth of local knowledge and has more than 30 years of technical and commercial expertise. The Houston office offers a local point-of-contact, in our customers’ time zone, for all Damen Cruise related enquiries.

GM New Construction North America
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Jan, referred to as the business ’ambassador’ with unique skills to open ‘corporate doors’ and to build long lasting international relationships joint the Damen Shipyards group in April 2011. He is responsible for all commercial activities of the Damen Group in North America.

Global Product Manager Maintenance & Upgrade Services Damen Cruise
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Rogier worked in the cruise maintenance sector for almost 30 years before joining Damen. He sees his move to Damen as stepping into the Champions’ League.

Working for Damen gives him the opportunity to concentrate on what he does best – supporting Damen clients with their repair and conversion requirements at one of our many yards worldwide.

It’s an exciting job, with lots of challenges to overcome. Strong relationships with the clients are important – not forgetting to have some fun along the way too.

Commercial Director Maintenance & Upgrade Services Damen Cruise
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Bas is very proud of the services his team provide for the maintenance and upgrade of cruise vessels. The goal is not to simply be a shipyard, but to be the enabler of our clients’ wishes. With several projects under our belt in river cruise as well as medium and large-sized seagoing cruise vessels, our experience is growing rapidly.

Sales Manager
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Damen Cruise stands for explorations and adventures at the highest level of comfort and hospitality. This drove Thomas to join Damen Cruise in 2019 as a Sales Manager Trainee. From a young age Thomas has been passionate about the maritime and the hospitality industry, making Damen Cruise a perfect match. Thomas has a background in maritime economics and logistics and has worked in various sales and maritime investment roles, making him a valuable asset to the Damen Cruise team.


The dedicated cruise Design and Proposal team is located at our cruise office in Rotterdam.

They support the sales/tender process of newbuild ocean cruise ships creating the design and specifications for our offers. During this process skilled naval architects/engineers of our fully-owned engineering company, Denmark-based Knud E Hansen support the Design & Proposal team.

VP Design & Proposal Cruise
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As a naval architect involved with complex projects throughout his career it feels to Robin like being involved with Cruise at Damen is a perfect match. He recognises that cruise building is competitive and challenging, and with that the need for Damen to keep on improving itself with every bid and every project. He is of the opinion that cruising is about having fun working on products enabling that gives him a lot of energy.

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Mara-Lise joined the Damen Cruise in the beginning of 2019 as Secretary to the technical team. Having gained a lot of experience in her previous job, Mara-Lise is a true star in organizing and exceeding expectations. She looks forward to welcome you and adds great value and energy to the team! Born in Rotterdam and still a proud citizen, she can also update you on the highlights of this beautiful city!

Tender Manager Cruise
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Richard believes it is an honor to be part of this very ambitious team, developing amazing and complex projects.

With his 20 years of experience as an Engineer within the maritime and aviation industries, the cruise sector is a great new challenge he is keen to succeed in.

Tender Manager Cruise
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After his study Marine Technology, Deniz joined the Damen Group in 2011 at the R&D department. In the past 5 years he has been active as Newbuilt Project Manager for complex vessels in both Naval and Yachting sector. In 2019 he joined the Cruise team to be able to use his ship design and building experience to participate in challenging and high demanding cruise tenders.

Design & Proposal Engineer
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In total Luca has 14 years of experience as an engineer, 6 of which he has spent at Damen involved in the shipbuilding part of cruise ships newbuilding design. His interests are naval architecture, structure, noise and vibrations.

Design & Proposal Engineer (PG)
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Asiyan has been working on various projects as engineer shipbuilding for 10 years with a glimpse at yacht design.

Her responsibilities now are to design a cruise ship based on your requirements and/or wishes according to classification and legislation. Next to this she looks forward to preparing your technical documents and cost price calculations.

Design & Proposal Engineer
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10 Years of experience within Damen Group, from early design checks to deliveries of the vessels within Complex Offshore projects and Polar Expedition Yachts.

In the past working fulfilling customer requirements as Lead Naval architect involved in Stability, Weight Estimations, Compliances with Rules and Regulations .., looking forward for a challenge of designing passenger vessels.

Design & Proposal Engineer

Konstantinos is an Electrical & Automation Engineer. He brings with him 5 years of experience in Cruise and Yacht newbuild projects focused on Electrical & Automation Designs, from Power Systems & Electric Propulsion to the smallest consumers.

His responsibilities within Damen Cruise include the design, calculation and selection of complete electrical & automation systems scope.


The Damen Group Corporate Customer Finance Team is made up of solutions-driven, experienced specialists. Their main goal is making sure that our cruise clients’ business plans become bankable in cooperation with AAA financing institutions.

Director Corporate Finance & Treasury
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Jan Willem is proud to be part of the success of the team of Damen Cruise and of the way finance capabilities are offered as integrated solutions.

Before joining Damen, Jan Willem worked in various positions in on- and offshore companies. He is specialised in complex project finance structures for on- and offshore facilities and lease solutions, as well as standardising operations in treasury. He won the Adam Smith award for the best European Accounts payable setup in 2017 for a fully robotised treasury operation with his previous employer, Heerema Marine Contractors. He raised an amount of well over $4bln in debt in over a hundred transactions ranging from under a million to over a billion per deal.

Corporate Finance Manager
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Cruise is about exploring new frontiers. This is what brought Geert to Damen Cruise at the end of 2017.

Geert has a background in international relations and has worked in diplomatic affairs in Nairobi and port developments in West-Africa. Subsequently, Geert started at Damen as Customer Finance Manager in arranging export finance for clients in Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia. Currently, as Corporate Finance Manager he is involved with financing arrangement for cruise operators, pre-financing schemes and digitization project to enhance financing solutions.


The operations team is in charge of the execution of our cruise (ocean) newbuilding contracts.

This team of experienced and skilled shipbuilders coordinate, from our dedicated offices in Rotterdam, the shipbuilding process together with our dedicated shipbuilding team at Damen Shipyards Mangalia, Romania.

They will also provide to the Design & Proposal /sales team during the sales process as well as elaborate on the specifications and project management planning.

Managing Director OR
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The Damen CRO division is fully committed to our cruise customers. We leverage the knowledge and capabilities of the Damen Group and join forces with the right co-makers to guarantee that our customers receive the right solution. The combination of in-house design and engineering capacity and the capabilities of our Damen Shipyards Mangalia make sure we can fully control the complete value chain and building process. Damen has a strong reputation to deliver on time, within budget, always aiming to exceed customer expectations.

Project Director
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Project Manager
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Johan has joined Damen in 1999 and had several positions in engineering, project -and yard management. In 2017 he joined the Damen Cruise team as tender manager and had the honour to manage the design and proposal part for the SeaDream project; Damen’s first newbuilding cruise contract. He enjoys the interesting mix of technical complexity and financial constraints, the teamwork with his colleagues, the relationship with the clients and is looking forward to guide the next cruise project to a contract.

Project Secretary & Marketing Support
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With a professional background in secretarial work and management assistance, Desiree started at Damen Cruise with coordinating the marketing tasks and supporting SVP Sales and Marketing Damen Cruise in his sales activities. Desiree is now supporting the Project Director and Team Operations, so they can focus on what they do best. The marketing tasks are still coordinated by her as well.

Desiree joined Damen, bringing forth her love in working with people and enthusiasm in delivering the best experience with our products.

Project Manager
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Project Manager Systems Engineering
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On the 1st of September 2019 Peter joined the Damen Cruise team as Systems Engineering Project Manager. Peter worked for the Offshore and Transport department within the Damen Group, and is specialized in System Engineering for complex projects.

As Project Manager, Peter Vrijhoef is responsible for the implementation of Systems Engineering methodology on the ‘SeaDream’ project. His main responsibilities are requirements management, configuration management, verification and validation. Peter is very passionate about the cruise market and complex challenges that face Damen in entering this market.

Project Manager Engineering
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Jurjen is looking forward to meeting you as Project Manager Engineering for Damen Cruise. He has a background in shipbuilding and technical project management of complex offshore projects.

Project Manager
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Project Manager LNG
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Henk has 15 years of experience within the shipbuilding industry, related to newbuilds as well as major conversions. His experience and competences cover LNG fuelled marine solutions in the cruise, RoPax, ferries, offshore and merchant segments. He started his marine carrier as New Product Development Engineer LNG and developed to become Senior Bid Manager, as advisor, consultant for LNG marine solutions to ship owners and shipyards.

At the beginning of 2018, Henk joined the new business unit Cruise, Ropax & Offshore.

Project Manager Engineering
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Janne has been working in the cruise shipbuilding industry for 15 years and likes building them. Why? Because building a cruise ship is one of the most difficult and complex projects in the world.

His responsibilities and tasks have been in all aspects of the project, though design has always been his main area of expertise.

Key Manager Outfitting & Design
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Joan started to enjoy the cruise industry as an interior designer in 2006. She developed concepts of GAs and interiors for all different areas of cruise ships. Her goal is to design, together with our clients, visible and non-visible elements that create harmonious and holistic experiences for the passengers.

Lead Engineer
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Emilia became a valuable team member of Damen Cruise in the beginning of 2019 when she moved from Finland to the Netherlands to take up her role. Her main responsibilities are on the interior outfitting. Before landing on Dutch soil, she worked within the maritime industry in Finland and achieved degrees in furniture and interior design.

Lead Engineer
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After 7 years as a plan approval surveyor for construction at Lloyd’s Register, Lennaert joined Damen at the Offshore Department. Here he has worked on various projects in the basic and detail engineering phases on hull construction, stability, class and statutory compliance and on-board manuals.

Alexsander Vermeulen
Product Manager Purchase
Project Procurement Coordinator
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Since October 2019 Willem joined the Damen CRO team as Project Procurement Coordinator.
Willem has more than 12 years’ procurement experience in the shipping & offshore industry.

As Procurement Coordinator Willem is responsible for procurement of systems and equipment.

Assistant Purchaser
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Raffaella has a Master Degree in Purchasing and has a background in Oil & Gas and Fashion. Her technical skills and a touch of creativity is what makes her the perfect fit for a complex world as the one of Cruise.

Why ships? Because for her building a ship means taking a journey beyond the horizon.

Integral Project Planner
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Gerbrand is Integral Project Planner for CRO business unit.

He has over 12 years of experience in project planning and giving support to control complex EPC projects.
His experience lies in the construction industry for the Offshore Oil, Gas and Wind market. From half of April 2019 he is learning every day about Shipbuilding within this very ambitious Damen Cruise team.

Elisa van der Sluis
Transport coordinator
Document Controller
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Our strategically located, state-of-the-art facilities, with skilled people are looking forward to welcoming your ship. Both for newbuild projects and maintenance & upgrade services, our teams and yards are ready and equipped to take on every challenge.

Managing Director Damen Shipyards Mangalia
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Damen Shipyards Mangalia’s Managing Director is proud of the yard’s infrastructure and facilities. At the moment, he is busy trying to show the world just how extensive the capabilities of Damen’s latest – and largest – yard are. Having already shown numerous clients around the site, he has taken great confidence in their impressions and looks forward to continuing to promote Damen Shipyards Mangalia as an excellent location for the construction of cruise ships.

Managing Director Damen Verolme Rotterdam BV & Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam
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If any evidence is needed that Damen Verolme Rotterdam can accommodate any vessel or offshore structure afloat, then the two week visit by the 362-metre, 225,000 GT cruise ship 'Oasis of the Seas', one of the largest in the world, should remove any doubts. Together with our partners, Damen Verolme executed a safe and excellent job in the shortest possible time-period. Jan Kees Pilaar is proud that this project demonstrates high quality execution capabilities and looks forward to more opportunities to partner with cruise ship owners.

Managing Director Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam
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Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam, a fully certified shipyard in Amsterdam, was founded in 1920 by the NDSM (Netherlands Dock and Shipbuilding Company). The yard draws on century of experience with focus on safety, quality and getting the job done within the agreed borders of both time and budgets.

With 4 pcs. graven docks, 750 metres of non-tidal wet berths, excellent workshop and machining facilities, but most importantly, an experienced and dedicated crew which is always ready to take the extra step, Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam is a well-known shipyard in the industry of both river and seagoing cruises. Going the extra yard in ship repair and conversion.

Managing Director Damen Shiprepair Brest
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Patrick Renavot has started his career in Brest Shipyard in 1996. Years after years and step by step he took more responsibilities within the organization to become Commercial Manager in 2015 and Managing Director of Damen Shiprepair Brest since 2018 as first French MD since Damen took over the Yard in 2012.

Knowing very well the environment of the shipyard and the local actors is of course a plus. Patrick Renavot is very proud to hear from Captains and Cruise Customers in general, that Brest is one of the most beautiful places in the world to perform dockings. He’ll keep on moving to satisfy their customers and making Brest the reference Yard for Cruise Maintenance & Conversion.

R & D

Our Damen Group Research & Development team brings the knowledge of innovative shipbuilding to newbuilding as well as maintenance & upgrade projects, striving to find efficient and sustainable solutions for our customers.

R&D CRO Group Teamlead
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Nikola Radovic, team leader within R&D department. The main role of the team is to support the CRO business unit with advice on advanced engineering and in depth knowledge of ships and ship systems.

The R&D department is a hub for new technologies within Damen and as such also responsible to transfer knowledge to rest of organization. Since change of technology in recent decade has speed up their role has become very dynamic and challenging. The fact, that Damen is not only the shipyard but rather an integrator of technology, is making their role more important and more fulfilling.