Maintenance & Upgrade Services Yards

Cruise maintenance & upgrade services are provided by Damen Shiprepair & Conversion, which operates eighteen yards at strategic locations around the world, including in the Caribbean and close to the turnaround Port of Southampton, as well as Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Additionally, we offer 24/7 Harbour & Voyage assistance.

With our network of yards, we are able to guarantee covered drydock availability. Take confidence in our extensive track record of on-time cruise project deliveries, covering the entire scope of work, whether you require repair, maintenance or refit of your vessel.

"We are very proud of the services we can provide for the maintenance and upgrade of cruise vessels. Our goal is not to simply be a shipyard, but to be the enabler of our client’s wishes. With several projects under our belt in river cruise as well as medium and large sized seagoing cruise vessels, our experience is growing rapidly. Our shop is open and you are most welcome."


Commercial Director Maintenance & Upgrade Services Damen Cruise

Yards in Carribbean:

  • Damen Shiprepair Curacao

Yards in the Netherlands:

  • Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam
  • Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam
  • Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen
  • Damen Verolme Rotterdam

Yards in France:

  • Damen Shiprepair Brest
  • Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque


Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm) is best described with the phrase ‘going the extra yard’. We believe in personal service and on-time completion, within the agreed budget. For us, efficient teamwork is a key factor for a successful project and we consider our customers a part of the team. The foundation of our client focused approach lies in the dedication of our workforce, because it is they who ultimately deliver the exceptional service and quality that makes Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam the organisation that it is today.


 Berth 1Berth 2Berth 3Berth 4Load Out Berth
Length, m120230200200150
Max. draft, m7.
Cranage, t15151590
 Drydock 1Drydock 2Drydock 3Drydock 4
Length, m140165205250
Beam, m19.521.526.7536.2
Max. draft, m5.
Cranage, t40+1540+1560+1590+90

The yard consists of four graven drydocks, all equipped with ample crane possibilities, ranging up to 2 x 90 tonnes, and deep-water quays for jacking-up possibilities. The yard has 750 metres of repair berths available and can handle vessels of up to 250 meters in length.

DSAm offers excellent facilities, capable of meeting the highest expectations in terms of speed and quality of work. We have an extensive on-site machine shop, on-site paint shop and a steel construction facility on our premises.


Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam (DSR) is situated in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest harbour. The yard is also in the middle of the Rotterdam maritime cluster with many manufacturers, representatives and OEMs close by. The yard can accommodate vessels up to 307 metres in length.

It enjoys a long history dating back to 1857. This extensive track-record is part of what makes the yard so reliable today. However, it is the people who work here that shape our method. Our team is made up of dedicated and passionate craftsmen who get the job done safely, efficiently and to the highest standards.


 Berth 1Berth 2Berth 3Berth 4
Length, m160120200460
Max. draft, m8.
Cranage, t404025+4025+12
 Covered Drydock 6Drydock 7Drydock 8Floating Dock 1Floating Dock 2
Length, m216211305175159
Beam, m28.328.446.125.223.3
Max. draft, m8.
Lifting capacity, t38000400001600001200010000
Cranage, t50+5040+40100+100+25+2515+15+1515+15+15

Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam has three drydocks (one covered) and two floating docks at its disposal for vessels up to 307 metres, and 2,100 metres of repair quays. The yard is fully equipped with all the necessary workshops, cranes, transport facilities, tools and resources to execute the most challenging repairs and conversions.


We are a reliable partner fully equipped to convert, repair and service all types of seagoing vessels and offshore installations up to 215 metres in length. Our aim is to offer high-quality work and minimised vessel downtime against internationally competitive rates. All of our 100 highly skilled team members are motivated by passion. You can expect to find a crew willing to listen and inspired to find innovative solutions through expertise and solid craftsmanship. Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen (DSV) is ISO 9001 certified. Like all DSC yards, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace.


 Quay A/BQuay JQuay E
Length, m440150335
Max. draft, m8.010.58.0
Cranage, t55+32+274030+18
 Covered DrydockDrydock
Length, m215175
Beam, m29.825.3
Max. draft, m8.77.7
Cranage, t75+75+75+7532+27+55

DSV can dock vessels up to 215 metres and maximum beam of 29.8 metres. DSV is one of very few yards permitted to dock tankers in a non-gas-free or inerted condition.

Our facilities include:

•   1 covered graving drydock and 1 graving drydock
•   Three quays (total of 925 metres)
•   Total of six cranes
•   High quality in-house paint subcontractor
•   Panelling street for the construction of large block sections
•   And all the equipment we need to execute the most challenging repairs


Damen Verolme Rotterdam (DVR) has been an active ship repair yard since 1957 and is situated in close proximity to the North Sea, in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our yard is well known for its drydocking, repair and maintenance capabilities and has a long track record in the modification and conversion of upstream offshore units and cruise ships.


 Berth 3Berth 4Berth 5Berth 6
Length, m200400405570
Max. draft, m1012108.65
Cranage, t203020+8040
 Drydock 5Drydock 6Drydock 7
Length, m230275405
Beam, m34.440.3690.0
Max. draft, m8.010.311.6
Cranage, t20+2020+4020+30+80

Situated in Rotterdam’s Botlek area, Damen Verolme’s Rotterdam facilities are ideally located, in the heart of one of the world’s largest industrial and transportation centres. The 405 x 90m graven drydock can easily accommodate rigs, semi-submersibles and jack-ups as well as the largest vessels in the world.

The two other graven docks cater to the larger vessels sailing the globe. We offer a 2,000-metre quayside with a minimum of 12.5 metres of water depth. The load capacity of quaysides is approx. 15 tonnes/square metre. You can find the following workshops on our yard: a steel preparation shop, a steel manufacturing shop, a pipe shop, a mechanical shop, a blasting & painting shop and a heated storage area. We can make a floating crane capacity available of up to 3,200 tonnes.


With three drydocks, including one of 420 metres and another of 338 metres, plus a convenient and easily-accessible location for cruise ships entering and leaving the Atlantic, Damen Shiprepair Brest (DSBr) has much to offer. In recent years, the yard has made substantial investments in its facilities including an enhanced black and grey water disposal capability and a new fire and cooling water supply system.

The yard also features ample owners’ storage, extensive laydown areas and spacious temporary workshops for subcontractors. There is even an adjacent container terminal. The yard has a constructive relationship with the local authorities and, with a culture at the yard based on maximising safety and cooperation, customers can rely on a committed, efficient service at every level.


 Berth 1Berth 4
Length, m320400
Max. draft, m8.59.3
Cranage, t90+12150+15+15
 Drydock 1Drydock 2Drydock 3
Length, m225338420
Beam, m26.65380
Max. draft, m6.39.510.1
Cranage, t3090+12+20150 +15+15

DSBr has three drydocks. The largest, at 420 x 80 metres, is one of the biggest in Europe. Additionally, there are two deepwater repair quays with ample crane capacity and several workshops, dedicated to large-scale steelworks, mechanical and machining works, LNG equipment and pipefitting. The yard also features de-slopping and polluting water discharge facilities and well-equipped offices for our clients.


Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque’s (DSDu) experience with ship repair dates back to 1968, underpinning its current level of expertise. We are ISO 9001 certified and our size allows us to perform repair and conversion work on oceangoing and offshore vessels up to 294 metres in length. Over time, we have developed a focus on short sea vessels (such as ferries, RoRo and RoPax), dredgers and offshore vessels. Due to our strategic location, ferry operators have become frequent customers of DSDu and rely on our capable workforce. Safety and Quality are our priorities. Our HSEQ department has ample resources to ensure permanent project coverage, leading to timely completion in a manner that is both safe and in keeping with agreed standards.


 Berth 1Berth 2Berth 3
Length, m329320220
Max. draft, m9.36.58.5
Cranage, t50
 Graving Dock 5Graving Dock 6Floating Dock 1
Length, m107310180
Beam, m15.05034.1
Max. draft, m6.2/5.08.5/6.56.8
Lifting capacity, t14000
Cranage, t5012.5+12.5

The yard has two drydocks and one floating dock at its disposal. Ample crane and transport facilities up to 1,200 tonnes, plus a large number of common types of reliable, specialised subcontractors (audited by our HSEQ department) are permanently available.


Damen Shiprepair Curacao (DSCu) is strategically located in the Southern Caribbean, en route to the Panama Canal, and safely outside the Hurricane Belt. Our yard is perfectly positioned to serve as a logistics hub, ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services through the region. We offer excellent working conditions within a natural bay, in ideal weather conditions. We can accommodate vessels up to 270 metres in length. Besides our proximity to major shipping routes, we consider our application of international standards and membership of the Damen Shipyards Group as our yard’s key advantages. This, together with more than 50 years of experience, means we can offer you high-quality service and workmanship.


 B. Quay (B1/B2)S.W. Quay (B5/B6)EEG Quay (R1/R2/R3)
Length, m200275500
Max. draft, m6.310.810.8
Cranage, t6060+60
 Antilla Dock (“A-Dock”)Beatrix Dock (“B-Dock”)Floating Dock*Floating Dock*
Length, m280192229103
Beam, m45.02336.115.8
Max. draft, m5.5/
Cranage, t7525

The yard is situated in a natural lagoon and is sheltered against strong wind and swell. The graving dock Antillia, one of the largest docks in the Caribbean, can accommodate vessels up to 270 x 44 metres, has a draught of 7.8 metres at the entrance, 5.5 metres at dock-head and a capacity of 150,000 tonnes.

The second graving dock, Beatrix, has a capacity of 28,000 tonnes and can accommodate vessels up to 170 x 23 metres, with a draught of 6.3 metres (even keel). In 2018, two floating docks will be added to the current facilities. The yard offers three mooring and repair quays with a total length of 975 metres and ample crane capacity.


With our harbour & voyage repair service we offer a wide range of on-site and on-voyage repair services. Wherever your cruise vessel is, our mobile repair squad comes to you. Through close cooperation with Damen Services, and its many service hubs, we can support you anywhere in the world. We offer a single point of contact from project start to finish as we understand that clear lines of communication during repair work are crucial. With one point of contact we make sure there are no surprises.

We are fully equipped to perform any kind of repair work and have the capability to deploy an experienced team, anywhere you might need it, guaranteeing the best possible service and highest quality repairs. Our work is fast, cost effective and meets all regulatory requirements.


– Long track record
– 24/7 on-site and on-voyage ship repairs
– From steel works to electrical and automation repairs and from piping works to machining works
– Our service offering includes the repair, supply and installation of glass reinforced epoxy systems (NOV FGS Bondstrand)
– Worldwide presence
– One point of contact
– Quick response time
– Minimal downtime
– A total service offering through our partners and subcontractors
– A back-up of repair yard facilities


What sets us apart is our flexibility. We are fully equipped to perform any kind of repair work and have the capability to deploy an experienced team, anywhere you might need it, guaranteeing the best possible service and highest quality repairs. Our work is fast, cost effective and meets all regulatory requirements.